The breed originates in the north eastern low lands and was mainly emploied in the large farms of the area or in the army for field artillery. At a later stage the breeding area extended very quickly into the vast areas of the Centre and the South of Italy.

The Italian Heavy Draught Horse is a considerable bulky race with the adults weighing between 700 and 900 kg.
The minimum height at the age of 30 months is 146 cm for the female and 150 cm for the male. The preferred height at withers of adult males is between 156 and 162 cm; for female adult 153-160.
Thanks to the remarkable development and to milking attitude of the mares, foals can reach a weight of 400 Kg at 7-8 months.

The Italian Draught Horse can be bred in stables or in the wild. Stalled breeding can be practised in the traditional farms by simple integration of fences and roofing shelters. Furthermore, this horse breed is well adapted for breeding in the wild, allowing the use of low-grade pastureland. It can therefore be considered a valid mean of territorial control, especially in areas of delicate environmental stability.

Being of docile temperament, the breed is particularly adapted to agricultural work, with minimum impact on the environment, and can work particularly well in delicate terrain, such as woods and the like.
The considerable amount of exuberance and energy make it the ideal race for the horse team enthusiast, giving many and varied possibilities of employment within the activities of a holiday farm.

A ladder of 5 pegs enclosed by a shield shows the brand of the race. The subjects listed in the Book are being evaluated for the first at 2/7 months and subsequently at the age of two and a half years.
The fillies, which pass the first evaluation, are being marked on the left thigh; if also the second evaluation is positive the subjects are marked on the neck (on the left).

The National Association, on commission of the Ministry of Agricultural Politics, cares, with the collaboration of the Provincial Book offices, the Stud Book, providing technical assistance to the breeders in order to maintain and improve the race.The National Association promotes initiatives, which contributes to diffuse the breeding.
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